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out in oregon in an
out. >> all right, bill. see you next week. still ahead, oregon needed late game magic to get back into the game against stanford. was it enough to keep their title hopes alive? the vice president. oops, he did it again. we'll play the voice message congratulating the wrong guy. way too early comes right back. the day we rescued riley was a truly amazing day. he was a matted mess in a small cage. so that was our first task, was getting him to wellness. without angie's list, i don't know if we could have found all the services we needed for our riley. from contractors and doctors to dog sitters and landscapers, you can find it all on angie's list. we found riley at the shelter, and found everything he needed at angie's list. join today at i'm bethand i'm michelle. and we own the paper cottage. it's a stationery and gifts store. anything we purchase for the paper cottage goes on our ink card. so you can manage your business expenses and access them online instantly with the game changing app from ink. we didn't get into business to spend time managing receipts, that's
with qualifying bundles. rethink possible. . >> good evening. palo alto, 5th ranked nationally. oregon, one of the great offenses in the last 20 years. tyler pounding pounding 45 carries. here goes kevin hogan. stanford playing with a 26-0 lead. marcus a great quarterback. he was a heisman contender until tonight. limps off the field. johnny manziel looks better tonight. he didn't quit. touchdown to brown. marriota, minus 16 on the ground. shaw had to hold them. oregon down 6. stanford recovers. 26-20 stanford. in the history of stanford football, maybe way back in 1970, there is one. upsetting number 2. oregon is the other. what a great night. stanford is 8 and 1. they will move up to at least number 4 in america after tonight. all signs point toward smith. if you watch smith do his thing, let's see what he has to say. 6 weeks since smith has played football. general feeling is so what. >> it's not like a guy coming off an injury, but 6 weeks is a fairly long time. not that long where he can't get back in the swing of things. >> will he play sunday? >> absolutely. >>> it is reported that j
amendment number 4 printed in art b of house report 113-271. for what purpose does the gentleman from oregon seek recognition? mr. defazio: i have an amendment at the desk. the chair: the clerk will designate the amendment. the clerk: amendment number 4 printed in part b of house report 113-271 offered by mr. defazio of oregon. the chair: pursuant to house resolution 419, the gentleman from oregon, mr. defazio, and a member opposed will each control five minutes. the chair recognizes the gentleman from oregon. mr. defazio: thank you, mr. chairman. this is an amendment that i think will help deliver on some of the promises of being made here today. this would say that natural gas produced on federal lands, on federal lands only, would not be allowed to be exported from the united states. now, the principle argument we're hearing on the republican side is that, by adopting their standard, which they say is a states' right standard, and i've already raised concerns about that on fracking, that it will encourage yet more development on both federal -- on federal lands, increase our domestic ener
of storms. if you have friends or family in oregon or washington, they had another gully washer today with wind gusts of 50 miles per hour. all of this sent over the top of this ridge of high pressure. you have to scale the mountain to get over. this mountain has to move or we won't get rain fall. high pressure is marked over california. get as far south as mount shasta. the mountain will move next week. that will give us a chance of rain monday and tuesday. that's a bit of a change after 50 straight days without rain fall. for the weekend, that's actually trending sunnier. saturday and sunday will be good days to get outside. monday and tuesday good days to enjoy some rain fall. we'll have rain in here at the top of next week. tomorrow, friday, wrapping up the week. livermore, you'll hit 73. a couple degrees cooler than today. mountain view 68. sunshine, low 70s in pleasant hill and san ramon. low 60s for the city tomorrow, but sunny. sanoma71. your extended forecast. sunny on saturday, cloudier on sunday, but still nice. mid 60s near the bay. we will have showers around on monday an
a win over oregon. and their fans take to the field to celebrate. >>> good friday morning. going to get right to it now. a giant storm, bearing down on the philippines this morning. ripping through the vulnerable islands with deadly force. >> it's being called a supertyphoon. one of the most powerful on the planet. winds have toppled 200 miles an hour. and the storm is far from over. we begin with abc's dan harris. >> reporter: it's called supertyphoon haiyan. it's 300 miles wide. and it's bearing down on the philippines right now. this storm has had wind gusts of 235 miles per hour. that is comparable to an extremely powerful category 5 hurricane. evacuations have been ordered. and officials are preparing people for significant risk to both lives and property. as it hit land, the sustained winds, as opposed to the wind gusts, were recorded at an unheard of 195 miles per hour. by comparison, the massively destructive superstorm sandy, carried gusts of 80 miles per hour. and hurricane katrina, the worst in recent american history hit with 120-mile-per-hour winds. but this one is much big
images of the incredit edge meet your shower that sent lights through the sky from oregon to southern california. >> sleep with one eye open. it is not over. the shower is visible the entire first half of the month. last night, the american immediate -- meteor society reported many people saw the meteor shower in nevada and utah and arizona as well as oregon and california. >> i saw the key bright. >> witnesses were shocked by what they saw. bill got up and went to the front door if a better view. >> i looked up and saw this big, huge, beautiful blue pear-shaped like a teardrop. >> that was at 8:00. the meteor shower is about quality, not wanty. you won't see many but those that appear will be extremely bright. great video but hard to come by^. not the case in russia in february. there is plenty of video of a large meteor that exploded over a city and injured several people. >> by combining all the videos and cherrypicking the really good ones for astronomy, that gives us fabulous information about what happened. >> after the meteor shower the next one will peak november 12th but the
hosting oregon. both teams in the top five the cardinals bate 26-0 lead shutting out the ducks high-speed offense until well in to the fourth quarter but oregon staged a late comeback. including a 65 yard return of a blocked field goal attempt. it wasn't enough, though. stanford takes down oregon for the second straight here. the final score 26-20. >>> i'm going to come out and say, i don't follow -- >> not your thing. >> probably because my school hofstra is never anywhere near. >> hofstra pride. >> that's us. >> that is slightly better than my violets. the violet. struck fear in the hearts. >> the violent violets. >> coming up, the date "star wars" fans have been waiting for. >>> and a happy moment in a courtroom that brightened the lives of 50 children. you are watching "world news now." ♪ we are family i've got all of my sisters and me ♪ >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by colonial penn life insurance. you disgust me. prove it. enough is enough. d-con baits are specially formulated to kill in one feeding. guaranteed. d-con. get out. in this corner, the r
'm sorry, oregon at stanford. 6:00. a lot of people going to the same. it's sold out. attracting a lot of attention. if you live on the peninsula or if you live in san francisco, if you are going to the game, take the train. the train stops a few blocks away from the stadium. we have an update on the pedestrian killed early this morning on interstate 580 near high street. it happened just before 4:-- just before 5:00. ktvu's brian flores arrived on the scene shortly thereafter. a female pedestrian was hit and killed. she was walking in the lanes according to chp officers. pickup truck hit that person and killed them. investigation is going on but the lanes have been reopened and traffic is recovering. it had been backed up for a good long way. the coroner did arrive on the scene and took the person back to the coroner's bureau. back to the desk. [opening bell] >>> and just about 35 minutes ago, the opening bell rang on wall street. that marks the start of the big day for a world-famous company in san francisco. twitter is holding its initial public offering this morning on the new york
-271, by the gentleman from oregon, mr. defazio, on which further proceedings were postponed and on which the noes prevailed by voice vote. the clerk will designate the amendment. the clerk: amendment number 8, printed in part a of house report number 113-271, offered by mr. defazio of oregon. the chair: a recorded vote has been requested. those in support of a recorded vote will rise and be counted. a sufficient number having arisen, a recorded vote is ordered. members will record their votes by electronic device. this is a two-minute vote. [captioning made possible by the national captioning institute, inc., in cooperation with the united states house of representatives. any use of the closed-captioned coverage of the house proceedings for political or commercial purposes is expressly prohibited by the u.s. house of representatives.] the chair: on this vote the yeas are -- the chair: on this vote the yeas are 195. the nays are 226. the amendment is not adopted. there being no further amendment, the committee rises. the speaker pro tempore: mr. chairman. the chair: mr. speaker, the committee of t
. >>> good morning, everybody. stanford cardinal ended oregon's national title hopes and likely the heisman trophy aspirations of ducks quarterback marcus mariota. packed down on the farm. stanford ready to go. daphne carried the ball 45 times for 157 yards and a touchdown. stanford strikes first and hogan on the read option takes it himself. 26-0 at one point last night but oregon scored all the points in the 4th quarter and made it interesting. following the touchdown, oregon would block a field goal and run it back for a touchdown. and then marcus mariota to brown for another oregon touchdown. it was a 6 point game. two minutes to go oregon the on sides kick jeff trojan securing it to avoid an epic collapse and stanford hands oregon its first loss of the year 26-20 knocking oregon out of the title picture. >>> logan couture and the sharks lost four straight games. sloppy pass, it was like that all night for san jose. christopher higgins jumps on the puck and beats niemi who is pulled for the first time this season. canucks snap a nine-game losing streak in san jose. they beat the sharks
was cooking everything but duck. >>> we had our friends down from oregon and we had roast duck. these guys watch tapes of the 2009 and 2012 stanford/oregon games. we're looking to gather the energy for the victories against oregon and hopefully that'll play out on the field today. >> i invited my younger brother. >> in fact, there were several mixed groups. >> these are your own kids? >> these are my own kids. >> what did you not do right? >> i'm trying to figure that out myself. >> let me guess, you guys are oregon fans? >> yes, very much so. >> it brings a smile and that's what it's all about. it's supposed to be fun. we make people smile and have a good time. >> reporter: i was really amazed to go around through here and just see how many mixed groups of ducks and cardinal fans were really having -- enjoying themselves a tailgate party. in about an hour, they'll be on the opposite side of the stadium and it is in the bc standings, oregon's number 3, stanford's number 5, stanford's a double digit underdog but fans will remind you, they were underdogs and handed oregon the only loss of la
and they want a good spot and the gates will open at 4:00 p.m. for the 6:00 stamford and the oregon ducks. many are expected to attend the highly anticipated game for the bcs standings which will determine who will vote for the game. and they are getting on the field while students are setting out merchandise and we are joined right now by one of those fans. steve mcbride at alumni. tell me, how do you feel about the game? >> i am really excited for the guys, they are smart students and they are seeking excellence in all parts of their life in their academics and they are happy they are going to dominate. >> have you taught your son anything? >> dominate? he can, he wants them to do well and i'm sure they will. >> reporter: the traffic situation is expected to be very congested and the huge turnout will cause a huge traffic back up and they are working with palo alto police. police are asking people who are not going to if the game and just so you no, i, the game is sold out and we are told parking will be $20 per vehicle. reporting live from stamford, janine della vega, ktvu channel 2 morning
tonight after a huge win for stanford over the oregon ducks. [ music ] >> getting going with a rally today. stanford held off number two oregon for the upset win tonight and later in sports our sports director mark ibanez will have post game interviews and how stanford slowed down the duck's offense. >>> millions of recalled tires on the road with devastatingcant sequences. >> step to protect yourself. >> temperatures trending down. how much cooler it will be where you live tomorrow. >> a local animal rescue soliciting money when our little girl was born, we got a subaru. it's where she said her first word. (little girl) no! saw her first day of school. (little girl) bye bye! made a best friend forever. the back seat of my subaru is where she grew up. what? (announcer) the subaru forester. (girl) what? (announcer) motor trend's two thousand fourteen sport utility of the year. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. >>> two investigates questions about a animal rescue group soliciting donations from around the country. ktvu's eric rasmussen got a tip from a donor and eric is live in antio
of catastrophe facing people like richard streeter." mr. streeter is a resident of eugene, oregon. his problem isn't obamacare, but a tumor in his colon that is going to kill him. unless there is a miracle. he could have been treated, had he had health insurance. for him, obamacare didn't come quite soon enough. kristof's come up is an important reminder that the rollout of obamacare is about more than an effective web site. it is about saving lives, lots of lives. kristof reminds republicans that they should have empathy for the nearly 50 million americans without insurance who play health care roulette every day as a result. he urges republicans to remember that every 20 minute ans american dies. why? because they lack health insurance. would the chair announce the business of the day. the presiding officer: the clerk will call the roll. quorum call: harass mr. president? the presiding officer: the senator from iowa. mr. harkin: i ask that further proceedings under the quorum call be dispensed with. the presiding officer: without objection. under the previous order, the leadership time is re
weekend with the chance of rain on monday. i have that in the seven-day forecast and the oregon-stanford forecast. >> we will expect heavy congestion with gates opening at 4:00. expect to see lots of cars. >> in marin county north bound side of 101 we have a hit-and-run accident with everything on the shoulder. in the southbound direction, all is clear. the toll plaza is wide open on the bay bridge. from emeryville, we have construction in the westbound direction up to the high-rise. that will last until 5:00 this morning. headed in the eastbound direction we have one lane taken away until 2:00. >> new this morning, the pg&e chairman launches an investigation of its own chairman questioning the accuracy of pipeline documents. >> more trouble for president obama from the democrats. >> huge light show people along the west [s[man] no one told her,right?a. [son]hi! [mom screams] >>> covering walnut creek, burlingame, campbell and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> good morning. at 4:40 on thursday. from the embarcadero in san francisco, a gorgeous bay light installlation lighti
university ahead of tonight's much anticipated game against the oregon ducks. this is a live shot of the scene on campus right now. lots of people there. and espn is already built a set to conduct a live broadcast of the game. the 6:00 game is creating a lot of excitement but also concern about traffic jams. in fact, some stanford fans even camped out overnight in anticipation of the game. stadium gates open at 4:00 this afternoon and palo alto police are bracing for very heavy traffic all around the stadium. actually they say that could start around 2:00. stanford is letting employees leave early to ease congestion. >> or gone usually -- we -- oregon usually -- we travel well as fans. i came all the way from boston. there will be a lot of us. >> it's great to see the cardinals, the hometown teach i grew up watching playing the oregon ducks. >> the game sold out back in august. if you are one of the lucky 51,000 fans going to the game, again the advice is to get there early and at the game, stanford will honor legendary quarterback john elway. his number seven jersey will be retir
frenzy for the match up against oregon. authorities reissue a warning tonight for people looking for last minute tickets. >> there is no dancing in the operating room. right? tonight flash mob mom. a woman with some serious moves before a with some serious moves before a serious surgery. to those who'v to those who've waited... with some serious moves before a serious surgery. worried... poked and prodded... taken risks... and lived in a state of "what if?"... welcome to a new state... of health. welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage. financial help for those in need. and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll now at or call 1-800-752-6631. >>> 45 minutes from kickoff. excitement after a fever pitch now. >> a sold out crowd of 50,000 fans waiting for the showdown between cardinals and ducks. >> tough game for stanford. officials are warning about counterfeit tick yichlts wayne that is a risk at high profile games. >> 51100, and change is how many tickets they've sold. stanford saying make sure you buy a ticket
taking on oregon. this is the biggest party in town, isn't it? >> reporter: it is. take a look. the left-hand lane, you can't even see. it is where you see the main back up. a lot of excitement here. that main back up, that's the lane that gets you into stanf d stanford. the parking lot off site, they're charging 20 bucks to park. they're making a lot of money here at palo alto high school. this is embarcadero road. bumper to bumper for about 20 minutes. that's how long it took us to get to palo alto high school. we saw some fans parking in the neighborhoods and walking. drivers were stuck in traffic for quite a while. >> this is just how it works. you're in the traffic until you get to the game and then it's great. >> how has the traffic been? >> it's been like this for a long time. >> reporter: he is used to traffic for huge games like against cal, but this one against oregon with national title implications has caused a lot of people to come out. it's busy. there's a huge crowd out here. people we talk with say it's been pretty smooth. >>> we still haven't heard the last of those pro
down to the final minutes. stanford not only beat oregon, but now stanford has a chance to win the national championship themselves. george kiriyama joins us in palo alto tonight with all the excitement. it was a thriller, george. >> reporter: obviously a lot of happy stanford fans here tonight. the game was never tight, except at the end. it was a thriller. but the traffic outside the stadium, that definitely was tight. stanford fans walked out with heads held high. >> i'm about to go have a drink with my friend over here to celebrate. >> reporter: those dressed in green and yellow were crushed. their national championship hopes all but over. >> just heartbreaking. just killed us. i don't know. >> reporter: no matter what school you supported, the next battle, fighting the postgame traffic was about to begin. >> take it slow and be patient. >> reporter: getting into the game was just as bad, maybe even worse. >> this is how it works. you're in the traffic until you get to the game. then it's great. >> reporter: how is the traffic right now? >> it's been like this for a long ti
different times exclusion laws that made it simply illegal for a black person to move to oreg oregon. >> reporter: the laws were repealed by the legacy lives on. >> the problem for african-americans in oregon is that simply you don't have that culture context that you might find in other places in larger cities, for example. >> reporter: there are few obvious signs of black culture in portland. even in neighborhoods where blacks were forced to live during segregation. a policy known as red lining. where have they gone? many have moved to the issues replaced by white families looking for affordable housing in the city. stephen green grew up here. he owns a restaurant in an area years ago where blacks were refused loans to start businesses. he said there is fertile opportunity for blacks to live and thrive. >> if we see one black person, one. if we see another three, four. you know, and we keep adding on. i believe we're at now-- >> i have six. dave has three. >> i'm a measly one and a half, two. we're not doing too well. >> reporter: all said they moved here in a heartbeat, the neighb
don't know why they look the way they do. here's brandon with "flag facts." >> oregon's state flag pays tribute to its bountiful landscape and early settlers. >> in oregon, you have the only flag to include two different images on the front side and the reverse side. you have a beaver on the reverse side. then on the front, you have the conestoga wagon for the pioneers. >> other images in the heart-shaped center are a sunset, a mountain peak, a forest, a plow, sheaths of wheat, and a pickax. the 33 stars represent oregon's place as our 33rd state. but the most interesting elements may be the two ships at sea. one is a british warship sailing away from the shore, while the other is an american merchant ship arriving. they symbolize the transfer of power from british rule to american independence. above it all, the american eagle protectively spreads its wings. and, as randy said, oregon's state animal, the beaver, gets one whole side of the flag to itself. no other american animal can make that claim. with "flag facts," i'm brandon. >> cinnamon rolls -- they may seem hard to make, b
. number six, the cardinals, number six, oregon, ranked number two. that battle goes down tonight. >> it is expect to be a packed house with more than 50,000 fans going to the game. i know some people that are already out there tailgating. >> they started early. nbc bay area's christie smith is in palo alto with more on the gridiron gridlock. christie, good morning. >> good morning to you, jon and marla. this is the street, the intersection, that palo alto police are saying avoid, avoid, avoid this afternoon and evening. if you can pan over, this is why they're saying that. college football fans have set up a small city here at stanford, and those over there, those are duck fans that drove in from oregon yesterday. if you can pan over, you'll see they're set up right next to cardinal fans ready to take their seat for the big showdown. >>> levi finch may have the best mouth-watering tailgate menu in the west today. >> we've got briscuit, pulled pork, and chicken wings. >> he set up his smoker at 3:00 in the morning. or. >> there is a conflict of interest, but i went to school there
and we have been a way to get touchdowns. so that is our kind of win. >> wow. >> number 13 oregon hosting oregon state. de-anthony thomas one of his runs he stopped no? no. he's not stopped. like a video game there. oregon up late in the second quarter. tide it up at 17. ducks leading in 4th quarter. washington excite forward a match up against washington state let's jump around. bronys. a side of three. conner holiday over the top to ricky gal vein for the score. huskies tied at ten. austin severian jenk yinz for a score. and this seven yarder made it 17-10. well, last time the san jess yeah sharks and st. louis blues met blues forward knocked out sharks defenseman dan boyle. the shark got their revenge by just playing better hockey. looking on here, that is a lot of goals scored. 35 seconds in, get things started with help, lightning the life of the sharks. they would team up again, captain joe, nice pass in front to burns. sharks led 4-0. st. louis a two on one break, vladimir to jason schwartz. burns put it away the hat trick makes it 5-3 and sharks win. warriors in okc taking on kevi
? the presiding officer: the senator from oregon. mr. merkley: thank you. i ask unanimous consent to have a short colloquy with the junior senator from arizona and the senator from wisconsin. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. merkley: thank you very much. i appreciate so much the comments of my colleague from arizona on the challenges inherent in getting our budget under control, and i particularly appreciated over the last few days the conversation we've had about the employment nondiscrimination act. and i would like to say that you have -- the senator from arizona has brought particular value in expressing concerns about how we make sure businesses have the guidance that they will need to implement this act effectively and that particularly, as this act embraces an area and that is transgender discrimination, that was not a part of the act that was considered in the house of representatives. mr. flake: i thank the gentleman from oregon. i appreciate the work that -- that his office did with my office this week to try to arrive at language that we could put into an amendment. we wer
. >> the fan frenzy leading up to the stanford-oregon matchup and warning to people looking for last minute tickets. >> "consumer reports" teams up and i knhenry winkler. and i know there are many myths out there about a reverse mortgage, so i want you to know the facts. there are currently no credit score or income requirements to qualify. you can get tax-free money from the equity in your home. you can use the money to pay off your current mortgage if you have one. the remaining money can be used for anything. there's no monthly mortgage payments. and you still own your home! call today to get your free guide and dvd. it explains how a government-insured reverse mortgage works. there's no obligation. one reverse mortgage is a quicken loans company. their licensed experts can answer all your questions. call to find out what a great solution this can be. don't wait, call now! so before the first sneeze call to find out what a great solution this can be. help protect with a spray before the first tissue help defend with a wipe. and help prevent with lysol to get 10x more protection with each
between third ranked oregon and five, stanford. police are urging fans to avoid the embarcadero area starting at 2:30 this afternoon. kickoff is at 6:00 p.m. >> forecasters are saying a giant fireball that streaked across the west coast sky was likely a meteor. sightings were reported from san diego to portland and as far as mexico. >> if you missed out on the warm weather, look at that: warmer-than-average temperatures with a cooling trend and update on veterans day chance of rain. >> a sig-alert is issued in oakland because of a fatal accident. it is causing heave backups before you reach highway 13. i will have the alternates ahead. >> right now, the black market website known as silk road is up and running after the fbi shut it down. visitors were greeted by a message saying "silk road has risen from the ashes." the master mind was behind the illegal drug sales on the web site and was extradicted to new york to face federal judge charges. the website sold $1 billion worth of illegal drugs using the currency used online. the suspect denice all allegations. >> vice president biden
oregon noont a pack 12 showdown. it's the game of the year for cardinals. >> that explains your wardrobe choice as a stanford alum. sellout crowds tonight and wayne freedman drew a difficult assignment of hanging out in the parking lot. how is it going, wayne? >> reporter: she should have given to this assignment to carolyn, poor carolyn johnson sitting behind the desk. we know you'd prefer to be here on the farm in the center of the football universe, at least tonight. there are only two games tonight. this has national implications calling it unofficial championship of the pacific 12. here comes crowd. fire up the grills. indoctrinate the babies. ducks have arrived >> it's stanford v oregon. some call unofficial pack 12 championship game. one of only two games for a thursday night for a national tv audience. for die hards, good luck finding a ticket. >> this game was sold out in august. you know? before we knew standings. you snow season tickets were gone. relatively early so most available inventory was gone before such implications were known. >> stanford's director says if you don'
of the big apple. stanford-oregon football aftermath. when these guys toss it, it's in the bag. ,,,,,,,,,,,, i love watching tv outside. and why can you move the tv out here? the wireless receiver. i got that when i switched to u-verse. but why? because it's so much better than cable. it's got more hd channels, more dvr space. yeah, but i mean, how did you know? i researched. no, i-i told you. no. yeah! no. the important part is that you're happy now. and i got you this visor. you made a visor! yes! that i'll never wear. ohh. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for two years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible. above... an ivy league graduate helping break the e of violence. but first - here's paul deao th a look at our w mosquitoes wendy tokuda joins us in a bit with with tonight's student rising above an ivy league graduate helping break the cycle of violence. >> we'll get through the weekend and see a lot of sunshine coming up on saturday and sunday. allotted of you are stuck in the office or on the honey do list on the weekend. monday veterans day,
, oregon, oregon state. a touchdown by ameer abdullah. we talk about a team being a reflection of his coach. have these guys quit? >> chris: never. and that guy will never quit, never. we started out at the top of the show, he's the heart and soul of this team. a one-on-one matchup against abdullah. abdullah with the quick play, body strength. both teams are a reflection of their coaches. they're a tough team. that's what he builds, and that's what they are. >> sean: the extra point is up and good. 28 points. that matches the most michigan state has given up all year. the defense was historically dressed before he got here. there wasn't a tremendous amount of talent in the program. it's not the same as the old days when they'd load up and have 130 guys. but times have changed. nebraska has a great tradition, great facilities, but there's a lot of other places that can make you huge. >> chris: again, if you're evaluating bo and his staff, what you have to look at is you have to be a little bit patient. maybe you take nine wins this year. but you look at who's playing. i mean, you have valent
stanford back in the rose bowl with a win over oregon. marietta hasn't thrown a pick all season. what a play by the defense. scobee right with a pick that led to a carry six-yard touchdown run. 7-0, arizona. second quarter, dj and wildcats up at the half. monster game for kerry. 4 carries, 206 yards, four tds and stan ford hangs on. arizona's 42-16 win over oregon. >>> we'll take a brief time out before we check in on the top three teams in the nation. playing and ohio state adds indiana to the streak and does whatever [ passenger ] airport, please. what airline? united. [ indian accent ] which airline, sir? [ passenger ] united. whoa taxi! [ british accent ] what airline, then? [ passenger ] united. all right. [ spanish ] what airline? [ passenger ] united. ♪ [ mandarin ] which airline? [ passenger ] united. [ arabic ] which airline? [ passenger ] united. [ italian ] where are we going? [ passenger ] united. [ male announcer ] more destinations than any other airline. [ thai ] which airline do you fly? [ passenger ] united. [ male announcer ] that's great, big world friendly. ♪ [
a video shows him allegedly doing drugs. >>> fire and a shoot out in rural oregon. find out what happened. >>> certainly a chill in the air but we could get a mid-week warm up. stick around for the updated first warning weather forecast coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >> a hit and run crash involving a church van. the van carrying 18 people, including 14 children were struck after a honda accord ran a red light. the van's driver was killed. the driver of the honda fled on foot but has been arrested and charged with drunk driving and leaving the scene of a fatal accident. >>> a chaotic series of events in oregon. a house fire leads to a shot out. one person is dead and an officer shot. >> first the smoke, then the flames then the gunshots. listen to this. >> deputies confirm the suspect is dead after neighbors say he fired upon officers moments before setting his oregon city home on fire. an oregon city police officer was shot and then taken by life flight to the hospital. the gunfire scared neighbors. >> i had my two grand kids with me. they kept calling me on the phone and telling me to
would yield the floor. a senator: mr. president? the presiding officer: the senator from oregon. mr. merkley: i appreciate the comments of my colleague from maryland who argued so well that the time has come to take a step in favor of equality, fairness and pass the employment nondiscrimination act. i too rise to speak to the importance of this action. the declaration of independence in its second paragraph says in words that are famous and well-known to all americans, "we hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal, that they're endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights, and among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness." certainly that vision of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness is infused into everything we pursue in this nation in the success of individuals, in the success of our families, in the success of our communities, and the success of our nation. in the debate on which we are about to embark is deeply connected to this debate, because certainly the ability to be free from discrimination in the pursuit of a job and
no doubt, discrimination is alive and well. i share with you a story of laura from portland, oregon. before oregon had nondiscrimination clauses which we developed in 2007. and she notes from 1980 to 1996 she worked for the sheriff office in oregon. she had the rank of sergeant. she was promoted often. she worked as a variety of capacities including as a s.w.a.t. team commander, a detective in the major crimes unit, and the narcotics task force. during her 16 years she notes, she said i received numerous common dedications including for removing an automobile accident victim from a burning vehicle, disarming an armed man intent on harming himself. she was awarded for her expertise. she was named deputy of the year in 1994. she taught law enforcement classes at the community college and the oregon police academy. she had a distinguished employment record on labor day of 1995 she was in a remote area when a police dog attacked her and did some damage to her leg. she was awarded administrative leave. during the month that followed her storage unit was broken in to. out of the storage unit came
will be the center of the college football world tomorrow night. they host oregon one of the biggest games in years. but kpix 5's john ramos tells us getting to the game could prove to be the biggest challenge of all. >> reporter: at stanford stadium today, you could pretty much forget about buying a ticket for tomorrow night's game. she told me off camera she was able to buy standing room only for $90 and demand has driven up the prices on the resell market to ridiculous levels. >> it's the rose bowl for us. if we win it we go to the rose bowl more than likely and if we lose it, we don't. >> reporter: but this game is being played on a thursday night at 6:00 right in the heart of the evening commute. this is the corner of embarcadero and el camino. the stadium is across the street. at 2:30 traffic is already starting to back up here. [ pause ] [ no audio ] >> reporter: to end up here anyway. >> no matter how we look at it, no matter where people go, there's going to be a lot of traffic in palo alto tomorrow. >> reporter: gary may have the best idea since stanford allows seton ticketed holders to t
two yards. time-out called by the red raiders. look at the bcs top ten. >> charles: alabama and oregon open this week. ohio state won style points today, didn't they, at purdue? they need that. stanford plays thursday night against oregon. clemson big over virginia. missouri over my tennessee volunteers. oklahoma is getting ready for a huge one, thursday night at baylor. >> gus: the cowboys' kip smith coming out of his own end zone. bobbles the snap. gets it off. jordan davis lets it take a bounce. picks it up off the bounce, goes down at midfield. now let's take a look at 11 through 20. >> charles: we still have a ways to go. auburn have worked their way into the mix with the big win at texas a&m a couple weeks ago. johnny football and the aggies took on the miners, winning big. lsu, their next game is alabama. that will be big next week. south carolina won big today. texas tech, we're seeing right now. fresno state/nevada, just getting started. if you haven't seen jordan lynch play at northern illinois, watch him play quarterback. they were in a bcs game last year. they could be a bc
old oregon nick foles got the start ovn ael vick and he >>> one reason for a surprise start, top 10 defense. who were the imposters in raider uniforms today? putting up points like the old oregon team. up 14-3. 2nd quarter, tj hayden fell down. going for cooper. 21-3 eagles. the raiders respond. ensuing drive, jennings, 8 start 20-10, now, before the first half ended the eagles would pack it on. plenty. wide open, 4th touchdown pass so far. eagles to the 28,-13 lead. davis, expressionless. now, the raider comeback would be without that man, mcfadden. hamstring again. back to work. jenkins fell down, jackson entered the end zone. jason defense just gutted by the 24-year-old quarterback. record-setting day. here is his 3rd to riley cooper. the 7th touchdown pass that ties an nfl record. raiders blown out by the eagles, 49-20. and oakland falls 3-5. >> i felt comfortable. i don't know. it is like when you are feeling the 3-pointer or whatever you are doing, you know, you get into a rhythm. >> i got a lot of confidence in the defense. i think it is a good defense, okay? >> we had a bad
of their gender identity. i want to thank my colleague from oregon for his hard work in leading this fight on the floor and for the senator from iowa for his long advocacy for this bill that should have passed years and years ago. more than 40% of lesbian, gay and bisexual americans and almost 80% of transgendered americans say they've been mistreated in the workplace because of who they are, because of who they love. clearly there is still work for us to do. the employment nondiscrimination act would provide basic protections against workplace discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity. it's a bill that's built on our nation's historic civil rights laws, including the civil rights act and the americans with disabilities act. this is about basic fairness. the overwhelming majority of americans, in fact, more than 80%, think that it is already against the law to fire someone just because they're gay. most fortune 500 companies already have policies prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity in place. some of delaware's biggest employers and
to say. >> stanford the against oregon. >> stanford the against oregon. show down. they >> good evening. nobody thought it could be done. almost nobody. maybe only the cardinals themself coaching staff at stanford shocked the world upsetting no. 3 other g.o.p. didn't just beat the duck. they pel verizoned them. yes. stanford great elway in the house no. 7. first quarter fourth and goal. duck gamble and lose. marcus. fade pattern incomplete. stanford hold no score. drive of their open. hogan, 7 passes for 103 yards but 47 right there. to michael and fantastic capping 96 yard drive 7 nothing stanford after one quarter. early second quarter hogan read option. 11 yard. dive for the end zone 14 nothing cardinal. upset in the making. would care for full record 45 mipts times. 157 yards. 16 there. setting up 4 field goal. stanford cruised. 26 nothing. everything. look like it was over but lost field goal returned for touch down. scramble. it's brown. suddenly 26-20. but stanford recovers the onside kick to secure the win 26-20. storm the field hand the duck the first los
-27. >>> a major upset in college football, first time in four years. oregon suffers a scoreless first half at stanford. oregon had eyes on a national championship. number five stanford changes that and the ducks eighth straight win. stanford takes it 26-20. on the field, halftime sweet for stanford. hall of famer and alum john elway had his number 7 jersey officially retired. >>> former dallas cowboys tony dorsett speaks out about a degenerative disease caused by head trauma. here's hit optimistic view. >> because i've been told that, you know, i -- we can slow it down. we can stop it, and sometimes it can even reverse it. so i'm all over this and i'm not going to stop trying to get it straight as far as my cte is concerned. >> former heavyweight champ tyson bares his struggles in his any autobiography, "undisputed truth." "sometimes i just fantasize about blowing somebody's brains out so i can go to jail. makes me think my whole life has ban joke." >>> and poppy. finishing third in boston the mayoral race all thanks to, yep, write-in votes. >>> and seeing is believing. university of pitts
time in four years, number three ranked oregon suffering a scoreless first half at stanford. oregon had big eyes. stanford changes all that. the ducks, eight straight wins. stafford wins, 26-20. the tree very happy today. halftime was sweet for hall of famer, john elway and his number 7 jersey officially retired. congrats to him. tony dorsett talks about suffering from a disease caused by head trauma. here is his optimistic view, though. >> i have been told that, you know, we can slow it down, we can stop it. sometimes it can reverse it. so, i'm all over this. i'm trying to get this thing straight as far as my cte is concerned. look at tony go. former heavyweight champ mike tyson "undisputed trut." he says sometimes i fantasize about blowing somebody's brains out so i can go to prison for the rest of my life. working on this bookmaking he think my whole life has been a joke. >>> how about mayor big poppy? >> mayor, huh? >> mayor. david ortiz finished third in boston's mayoral race. all thanks to the blank line on the ballot. >> thanks to the fans. >> mayor poppy. it has a ring to it. >>
elevations in washington and oregon and that will continue to move south and really start to develop. really looking at winter weather developing. a storm watch in effect for washington, oregon and idaho and the tip of the pan han e handle. the outlook shows that things are clear until tomorrow morning and look at how the snow develops. rain in the lower elevation and idaho and monda montana lookingt snow coming down. it's not until tomorrow night we see the snow coming down of the lost trail pass in montana there is snow is on the ground and that will be changing the higher elevation also get snow as this storm moving south. seattle will get rain, 4 48 on saturday and temperatures are cool below 50-degrees. the temperatures are warming. denver at 51 degrees and chicago at 48 degrees and here is the storm bringing showers and thunderstorms possible. it clears out monday and tuesday. the warm air will move east and it looks like we could have rain across the northeastern states by late this weekend and early next week. >>> if you have ever wanted to own a small town, this is your chance. the
finney has to say. >> also, cougar attack killed an oregon woman. a report released and victims' mother is talking. >> when a tree falls in the amazon, what happens thousands of miles away could affect us here, at home. stay with us. the >>> an autopsy shows an employee killed this weekend actually died of multiple bite wounds. abc tonight on the woman who was devoted to her work with the big cats. >> reporter: renee spent 20 years caring for wild animals in need officials in oregon say the veteran in charge may have yofr looked basic safety protocols prompting one predator to turn on her, saturday night n a statement the sanctuary said two staff members are required to work together during the lockout of dangerous animals it's believed she was alone at the safrngnctuary. police say she was dead by the time they got there. >> this is a remote area here. this he were concerned walking in there they told me that it was risky. they felt like it was a risky area. >> she was well aware of the risks. she worked here eight years, looking at tigers cougars. 6
and december 6. they are all being shipped between texas, oregon, utah, washington. only two of the 16 recalled items are sold at trader joe's. others are sold under the delish brand names sold in walgreens. we've posted the full list of items on the website as you can scroll down to the hot topic section on our main page. we've also contacted the president of the glass onion catering this morning to ask about the recall. we're waiting to hear back from him. live in oakland, allie rasmus, channel 2 news. >>> continuing coverage of the monster typhoon storm right now approaching the northern coast of vietnam. it is expected to reach the coastline this hour. nearly one million people have been ordered to evacuate. the associated press reports that the storm killed more than 10,000 people in the philippines and thousands of people are still unaccounted for. a mass burial will be held today for all of those victims reported with the details on the devastation. >>> after one of the strongest storm ravaged several of their islands on friday. they swept across shore at 195 miles per hour. dam
oregon state and the beavers beat the terps, 92-83. that's going to do it for your morning dish of scrambled politics. >>> joining us now for our first look is "the washington post" reporter david nakamura. nice to see you. let's start with this interesting thought from wisconsin governor scott walker. we were just listening to him say that the gop candidate must come from outside the beltway for the presidential nominee in 2016. what is this all about, david? a shameless plug, self-promotion? >> a little bit but it's what's going on, of course, you have several governors both scott walker, chris chris if i in new jersey, bobby jindal saying we're outside the washington morass. so it's time for somebody who can show a track record of getting something done, sometimes in a bipartisan fashion. certainly chris christie in new jersey is staying this. so they're sort of capitalizing on the anti-washington feeling. you have three strong republican senators who have made some, you know, major media plays this year, marco rubio and rand paul and, of course, ted cruz who is taking a diff
committee. we see the chairman of the committee, senator jeff merkel from oregon seated there. i want to read the story about another hearing yesterday said virtual currency bitcoin took a big step towards mainstream as federal authorities signaled their willingness to accept it as a legitimate payment alternative. that senate hearing monday afternoon was the clearest indication yet of the government's desire to grapple with consequences of virtual corners and recognition that bitcoin and other similar networks could become lasting and significant parts of the financial landscape. you can see that senate homeland security and government affairs hearing that happened yesterday at this hearing expected to get under way in a few minutes. >>> i'm pleased to co-chair this hearing on the present and future impact of virtual currency. my friend senator merkel and i appreciate the work senator heller has done and senator kirk will be joining us as well. we're going to do this a little different because it's a joint subcommittee hearing i will chair the first panel and the senator
will keep the axe for at least one more year. over to a big upset. number five oregon at arizona third quarter arizona up 19. perry from nine yards out, 206 yards. and four touchdowns. fourth quarter, marcus throws an interception. takes the knee to the head when trying to make the tackle. painful loss for the oregon ducks. 42-16. warriors forward andre iguodala is in pain. he'll not play against the portland trailblazers tonight and listed as out indefinitely. he injured his left hamstring during last night's game against the lakers. doctors say surgery is unlikely. steve curry battled concussion like symptoms and he hasn't played since monday when utah jazz forward marvin williams accidentally fell on curry's head. the point guard was seen holding his head at the end of the warriors/lakers game yesterday. he will be a game time decision. over to football. raiders sophomore wide receiver's season is over. he got hurt in camp but returned in week nine only to get hurt in the eagles game. he moves to the i.r. with a shoulder injury. to the nfl and it's a big sunday night football game t
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